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    The Association Archives holds numerous photographs and it is hoped that the more interesting ones will be gradually available here. Click on the photo to enter. When you have finished viewing then click on the 'Back' button to return to the main website.

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Dawn Batty

Thank you David, thought it was my lack of computer knowledge preventing me making a comment.
Through the Forum I'd just like to say thank you for the condolence card received from the Society on the death of my father, Les Stables. May I also thank the Rev. Ian Partridge for his kindness and advice. I contacted Roy Lobley (Swindon R.A.F.A.) and he immediately offered to attend the funeral as Standard bearer. Thank you too to all of you who responded to Dad's death notice, your comments were a comfort to the family.

David Berry

Some of you may have found that no more messages could be added to this Forum. Not quite sure what that was all about - or about the various things that I have done to sort it out. But, with fingers crossed, it does seem that things are back to normal. Computers, computers!

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