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David Berry

In an e-mail, Chris Harwood brings sad news - but in his amusing way!

David, I hope I’ve used a correct address for you. I’ve never been an expert with IT, and wouldn’t attempt to try to post into Forum directly for fear of intruding into the business of the Bank of England. Anyway, to the point. Sadly, Terry Dennis died 2 weeks ago on Friday. I attended his funeral at Brightwell-cum-Sotwell on Friday last. I knew Terry particularly well since he was my best man in Oct ’61. I had been at Colerne on Hastings for the previous 3 years, and having completed the captain's course at Dishforth, was effectively forced to marry under 25 (23½ to be exact) on posting to LXX Sqn at Nicosia, or face a protracted engagement. Terry was doing a ground tour in Station Ops (as was Fred Lace) following time on Valettas and a recovery from TB. We had some terrific times with a grand crowd, learning Bath inside out, and it was good to meet up with him again on Brits at Lyneham. After leaving he joined BA until retirement into a leisurely Oxfordshire existence. I don’t think that he was a member of the Britannia Association, but other members might like to be kept up to date.


Sandy Barnes

I didn't know Pip very well until he joined the Association (I was on the 'Fleet afoot Squadron!'). What a gentle Gentleman he was. I don't believe he ever said a bad word about anyone. It was a pleasure to have known him. What a wonderful world it would be it there were more like him!!

Windy Deere

Dear Ann,
Your comment about Pip explaining the rudiments of navigation. I am sure the obvious response from all of us ex navs was the same "yes, he tried it with me, too" !! Not too many years ago I managed to get quite lost whilst boating on a lake in Canada. I took the cowards way out and asked a passing boatman to point the way to our intended destination. He gladly obliged, but I deemed it wise to offer Sheila,who was with me, $50 if she didn't tell Pip.

Ann Bihan

Dear David & Windy
Such sad news to hear that Pip Moules has passed away. He was such a lovely man and I have fond memories of flying with him on both Brits and VC10's.
On one of those long legs between Gan and Bahrain he tried to explain to me the rudiments of how to navigate. Tried being the operative word and it made me realise how lucky we were to be in such experienced hands.
It was a privilege to have known Pip and I am sure he will have no difficulty navigating amongst the stars.
Kind regards

David Berry

An e-mail has been received from Windy Deere:

Hello Dave,
We have just received the very sad news that Pip passed away
on the 5th March. He had been under care for the past few months and his son tells us that he died peacefully.
And so yet another of our colleagues and friends from Transport Command passes into history. He will be fondly remembered by a great many comrades, and I shall certainly keep as a treasured souvenir the cat card signed by Pip in 1956 awarding me a B cat -- so long ago!!

Mike Joyce

Hi Jim. Anne and I have lived in Australia for 25 years now after Canada. I presume you are the JB as one of the mob from the Changi theatre club and one of my helpers at FEAFOC whilst I did my ground tour from 67 to 70. Glad to hear you are soldiering on like us. Please contact us via the email: Cheers

Ian S Partridge

Jim - We have Mike Joyce on our membership list; he is living in Australia now and occasionally posts on this forum.

We also have a Pearce, but not Gordon.

There is also another Buckley - Brian; no connection I assume.

Which seems to mean you are not a Britannia Association member: how about joining us!?


Chairman, Britannia Association.

Ann Bihan

Dear David
Many thanks for the excellent newsletter. It is good to see you haven't lost that editorial magic.

How marvellous that you and Valerie are taking to the road again. Are you getting Winnebago withdraw symptoms and venturing across the Channel again?

Long haul flights don't seem to hold any magic for me any more. Can it be an age thing. No never!!!!

Hope to see you both at Blunsdon.
Kind regards

jim Buckley

I saw your association site and wondered if some old friends of mine are still around.
Mike and Ann Joyce and Gordon Pearce.
If you can help I would be most grateful.
Regards Jim Buckley.

Joe Bowie

Deaths - George Cristinacce

Upload Your Photo | Record A Video
Born Parkgate 30.07.1923, died Northern Ireland 08.12.2012.
George was a wartime Free French Spitfire pilot. He then had a distinguished career as an RAF pilot.
Husband of late wife Carole, father to Nicholas and Nina, Grandpa to Emma, Ryan and Alex, brother to Paul and Paulette and the late Marie.
Great memories.
Love, all the family.
George has a considerable rite up at you can translate on google.
Best regards Joe.

Ann Bihan

I have received the sad news from Nick Barlex that Joe Belk passed away peacefully this morning the 11th January following a short illness. Always a stalwart supporter of The Association he will be greatly missed at the reunions. There was always so much laughter and so many happy memories. The funeral will take place on Friday 25th January at 1pm at The Rosehill Crematorium, Cantley Lane, Doncaster, DN4 6NE Fly high Joe, Tom is waiting for you. Ann

Sandy Barnes

It is 30th December today, one more day and it will be 2013. Many of you will have had a delightful 2012, many not so delightful. Our thoughts are with you. May I wish, everyone in the Britannia Association and their families, all the Health and Happiness for 2013. Only 5 months to go before the Reunion - 18th May 2013 Blunsdon House, Blunsdon. Be sure to put the date in your New 2013 Diary. Take care with Lots of Love to all - Sandy

Ian S Partridge

I can't call Roy Woodley to mind, but my log book from my ATS(B) staff days shows him on a round-the-world trainer in XL640 from 13th-26th Sept 1967, with Sqn Ldr Clarke as captain. I guess this was the end of Roy's course (first tour, presumably).

Log book browsing sadly recalls those no longer with us, but on a positive note it brings back many memories of good times shared around the world.

Long may we share those memories!


David Berry

The details of Roy Woodley's funeral are now to hand -
Thursday 6 December at 12 noon at:
Kingsdown Crematorium
Kingsdown Road
Wiltshire SN25 6SG

On a personal note, Roy and I became good friends when we returned to Britannias, at the same time, for our second tours and shared the refresher course. We were able to put up a united front to reduce to 'sensible' the number of hoops we had to jump through to regain our categories!

It was always a pleasure to share time with such a gentleman.

David Berry

Sad news relayed by Norman Jasper - Roy Woodley died on Tuesday (27 Nov). Funeral details will published, when known.

Ian S Partridge

Folk may like to know that the book Mike mentions (via David's note) is available from Amazon at the moment for the princely sum of £2.32.

I have a bookshelf groaning with aviation books, but I may be tempted at that price!

Best wishes to all Association members


David Berry

An e-mail has been received from 'Down Under'. Mike Joyce writes:

Hi Folks
Hope all is well with you. Anne and I soldier on at the end of the world (NZ a bit further) and don’t hear much of what is going on over there. I was given a book a couple of weeks ago which may be of interest. It is “Heroic Flights the First 100 years of Aviation”. The writer is John Frayn Turner and the ISBN is 0 85052 970 0. There is a chapter on the test flying of the VC10 which of course includes the entry into RAF service. A well known Brit pilot is mentioned many times as one of the test pilots and that is Alf Musgrove. If you haven’t heard about this book you may find it a good read. Cheers Mike

David Berry

The Britannia Bush Telegraph has been at work. Jack McWicker rang Fred Lace and it was a poor line and Fred thought that Jack had said that Pip Moules had died - so Fred rang me. I was about to contact Sheila Drake, as she keeps an eye on Pip, but she beat me to it and e-mailed me. In her words: 'Pip is currently in hospital and his family is looking for a suitable care facility for him, as he will be unable to return to his house - poor fellow.'

Sandy Barnes for ex 99 Squadron personnel. 99 Squadron C17's. Would like the Britannia 99ers to join the Association. They have many activities such as Dinners/charities/Theme evenings but they are short on the Britannia contingent. Go to the above web to get more information.

Dawn Batty

Thank you David, thought it was my lack of computer knowledge preventing me making a comment.
Through the Forum I'd just like to say thank you for the condolence card received from the Society on the death of my father, Les Stables. May I also thank the Rev. Ian Partridge for his kindness and advice. I contacted Roy Lobley (Swindon R.A.F.A.) and he immediately offered to attend the funeral as Standard bearer. Thank you too to all of you who responded to Dad's death notice, your comments were a comfort to the family.

David Berry

Some of you may have found that no more messages could be added to this Forum. Not quite sure what that was all about - or about the various things that I have done to sort it out. But, with fingers crossed, it does seem that things are back to normal. Computers, computers!

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